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Monday, February 23rd, 2015
3:30 pm
Happy Terminalia!

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Sunday, October 19th, 2014
10:05 pm
Things have happened. Lots of them, over the summer, and I'm not sure I can
tell all of them. Since last I posted (modulo a brief sentence), I've beeen
to two other weddings. Kathleen's and Rebecca's.

Kathleen's wedding was at a park, and Kate and I camped there. Beforehand,
though, we stayed in a tugboat in Seattle and hung out with friends. I saw
June and Jacob, and Abe and Ann, and briefly others who I saw more at the
wedding--Kathleen, Cynthia, Gilbert, Tom, Alice, Izzy.

The wedding was wonderful, and we danced some, campfired some, and camped.
Jonathan and Amanda made it after some adventure, and it was good to see them.

In between the weddings, William, Chris and Rob visited SF, and it was good to
see them, too.

I visited New York, and saw people. Ed, Julie, Misha and I failed to have
dinner at THE PRINCETON CLUB. Foursquare shipped a cool product and celebrated
as only they know how.

Rebecca's wedding was in Boston. This meant I finally got to meet (and stay
with) Kate's best friend Dexter. He seemed pretty great, as did his
girlfriend, Jessica.

Lots of CMU people were at the wedding, and that was good. Some were Ed, Rob,
William, Chris, 8, Ed, Misha, Julie, Akiva, Jess, Brewer, Lea.

The wedding was lovely, as was brunch the next day.

I went to a bunch of cocktail bars with the usual suspects.

Later on, there was a Burn. I camped with Kate and some Boston people (Kaos
loves Kaos). It rained some, so it was mostly mild. The Man burn was slow,
and the Temple burn beautiful.

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014
4:15 pm
Off to the Burn.

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Monday, June 30th, 2014
4:53 pm - East Coast &c
Various things have occurred. The most important was that a few weeks ago Ekate and I went to a wedding party (for Jai and Belle) near DC. This was a good time, and we got to see my sister and laze around DC.

Ekate and I went to DC and wandered around for several days. Thursday, we walked over to the Jefferson Memorial, which I had never seen before, and then worked in a coffeeshop (which involved me going to four stores in an attempt to find a MacBook power cord I had left in the hotel).

The next day, we went to a coffeeshop and worked all day. In the evening, we saw my sister and Bill for a nice dinner.

Saturday, Roo, a friend of Belle's drove us out to Warrenton, VA, a house in the middle of the woods, where the party was. The wedding included Karen losing her shoes in the mud and one Izzi (different from Izzy) holding my belt so I could retrieve them. There was also a surprise matrimonial nerf gun fight, during which I got hit in the eye. Generally a good time was had. We ended with a CTY dance, which was..odd.

Wedding attendeesCollapse )

The next day, Kate and I caught a train back to DC. We ran into my sister briefly on the street and had delicious brunch. Then we lay around in the sun in front of the Capitol, and then flew back to San Francisco.

Since then, I have worked lots.

This weekend was Pride Saturday, we hung out in Dolores Park, which was lovely, and briefly walked through the Castro to look at happy people. The next day was the parade, and Kate did Safety. I watched about an hour of the four hour parade, went to the gym, wandered the streets of downtown (full of happy people) and then had dinner with Kate.

current mood: relaxed

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014
7:29 pm - Ludum Dare
Here is the thing I made for Ludum Dare 29.

Edit: (ugly) code: https://github.com/mkehrt/ludumdare29

It's definitely not a game, but it was fun. There's not much to do, but the top and the bottom are the best parts. Use the arrow keys! I maaaay add more at some point.

This was only really tested on Chrome. Other browsers will possibly be confused.

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Thursday, April 17th, 2014
1:16 pm - East Coast &c
I went on a trip.

I started by going to Pittsburgh for SIGBOVIK 2014. I met up there with Akiva, jcreed, Karolina, and Rebecca Lambert, and we hung out with Wm, Lea, Chris, Alanv, Ghanners. There were several meals to be had (some sort of Asian lunch, gluten free brunch in a bar, stop by some DPB people including Styger), a cocktail party at Wm's, and other things. Two stand out.

First, Akiva, Nikki and I, along with Chelsea(!)(maybemonday) went to a quick Indian dinner and then to a...theater thing. This was an interactive thing where mostly the audience investigated clues about the death of a wealthy heiress, interrupted by an "auction", where audience members told stories of their memories in exchange for items to help them understand more about the backstory. Lea, Chris and Wm had previously gone and recommended it; I highly, highly enjoyed it.

Second, Wm and I (and intermittently Chris and Wm's friend Brian and his boyfriend) went to the Embury popup cocktail bar in Butcher and the Rye, a bar. This was delicious, and Mikey, the bartender, was possibly the best bartender I've ever had; he could shake three drinks at once. Also, we tried Dorothy Parker brand gin, which is the best. During the six hours Wm and I spent in this bar, we came up with a brilliant idea for a SIGBOVIK talk (the next day). I had been working during my stay at the Studio for Creative Inquiry in CFA with Lea, and the next day I dedicated some of my time to producing slides on using category theory to produce a new cocktail. We called it the Bovik, and it's the rest of the square between Manhattan, Negroni and Boulevardier: gin, sweet vermoth and bitters. William mixed the drink on stage while I talked, and we tried it when I was done. It was delicious (partly due to the high quality of Wm's materials), and my talk was exceedingly well received.

Then we retired to Harris Grill for some food.

Wednesday, the next day, I flew to New York. I got drinks with Fsq people that night, and the following night, which included the excellent Little Branch cocktail bar. Friday, I met up with Akiva and Nikki, as well as Tom, Alice and Izzy who were briefly in town. Saturday included brunch with KatieMac and Boy, meeting Granger for a few hours, and then hanging out at Misha's birthday party. Sunday was playing Artemis (Star Trek style, multiperson bridge simulator) at Ed's with Ed and people, then dinner with Annie, Akiva and Nikki (who came from spaceships). At some point I got food with jcreed, maybe. The following week was dinner with KatieMac on Monday, and drinks with Jon and Lee on Tuesday.

Wednesday, I went to see Noah with Akiva, Nikki, Jon and Ferret. That was a damn weird movie. I don't think I recommend, unless you like $100 million, wacky reinterpretations of mostly-Jewish Noah-and-the Flood stories (which it happens is exactly my thing). Then there was dinner.

Thursday, I was supposed to go see John Hodgeman with KatieMac, but he was busy with being recorded for Television, so we got his long commentary on the British Royal Family's trip to New Zealand, recorded in video, and Guest Comedian Josie Long (fantastic) and Special Guest John Someone who talked about trying to track down the Bilderung Group and being followed by them. Then Katie and I got dinner.

Friday I got drinks with Ed (Little Branch, again), then we got dinner with Lea, and then Ed and I got more drinks.

Also while in New York I did lots of work and met with some people at Foursquare NY, which was super useful.

Saturday morning, I meant to get up at 5:30 (after sleeping at 2), but I slept through my alarms and woke at 7. I still managed to catch a train that got in to Princeton Junction at 9:25, and my mother and sister Kat picked me up and we drove down to DC. There we met up with my sister Emily and her boyfriend Bill. My mother and I walked around a bunch on the Mall.

My father had gone down to Virginia earlier and was on his way back up. He was going to stay at Emily's, and we surprised him that evening, as the following day was his birthday. We had dinner and went to sleep, all in Emily's house. The next day, Kat, my parents and I drove up to NJ. My father and I stopped in the National Arboretum to see the old Capitol columns and at a seafood restaurant on Kent Island in the Chesapeake where I had some soup and was unable to finish my alligator skewers. That night we had cake.

Monday, I did work, and then my parents and I tried to go to the Princeton University Art Museum. However, it was closed on Mondays, so we went shopping for various landscape things for my parents' house. Later, I went to see Bill Kanawyer. Then my father and I saw Captain America (ok, but beautifully shot, and there was one bit involving Nick Fury's eye that was great).

The next day I worked, and then we actually went to see the Princeton University Art Museum. They had a great exhibit on Italian Renaissance (and later) drawings, and small show of Munch prints (and a painting or two?) from the MoMA. Then we got coffee went home. I did more work and then went to see Bill again.

Wednesday, we went to lunch at Zinna's, the restaurant Kat worked at until recently, and then I flew back to SF, via Dallas.

Today I am working.

current mood: cheerful

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Saturday, April 5th, 2014
11:14 am - Administrivia
For some time, I've been writing on LJ. For a much shorter time, I've been cross-posting to G+. I plan to keep doing these things.

However, I am somewhat concerned that LJ will keel over some day, taking with it some 12 years of journal. As such, I'm downloading my entries using ljdump (http://hewgill.com/ljdump/, https://github.com/ghewgill/ljdump) and throwing them somewhere else for backup. I hope to keep my backup in sync with new entries.

For the technically-minded, the plan is to store this on github with some code to manipulate them, possibly including automating cross-posting. I have a private repo for this, because my private and friends-only entries tend to be somewhat personal. If I ever get some reasonable code written, I may move it to a public repo.

I'm also probably going to start cross posting to Facebook, because, hey, it's after 2005.

current mood: geeky

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Monday, March 17th, 2014
7:04 pm - Things
Lots of things. Mostly hanging around SF.

I went down to Mountain View for a Super Bowl party and saw Vinay (from Apple), jcreed and gwillen. I later saw Matthew and Sirisha (from Apple, also CMU)

I had other adventures.

I turned thirty. I climbed Twin Peaks before midnight and sat and drank 30 year old scotch with calledtovienna. The next day, she hosted me a party. It was awesome.

As mentioned, Kate got me some small bottles of 30, 33 and 35 year scotch.

A few weeks later, Kate went a way for a few days for work, and we both got simultaneously sick. Then she came back and we got horribly sick and slept for ~three days.

This weekend I went to Purple's birthday party in Mountain View on Saturday.

On Sunday Kate and I walked from Fort Mason to the top of the Marin Headlands and back to North Beach (~19 miles, with a giant hill in the middle, where we drank champagne.)

Back at work today!

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Monday, February 24th, 2014
12:53 am
...If thou beest borne to strange sights,
Things invisible to see,
Ride ten thousand daies and nights,
Till age snow white haires on thee,
Thou, when thou return’st, wilt tell mee
All strange wonders that befell thee...

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Monday, January 27th, 2014
9:47 pm
I hung out with some people (Gilbert drinks, lots of Kate) last week.

This weekend consisted of hanging out with Maggie (mogobogo), who was visiting Berkeley for almost two weeks for an algebraic topology conference, which was pretty great. We went to the Exploratorium with her brother Patrick and his girlfriend, Ginger, and got lunch at Dante's weird fish. Then we and Patrick watched a documentary on the Egyptian revolution called The Square, which was pretty good if depressing. Maggie and I also ate at Gracias Madre and lay in the park for a bit.

Yesterday, Maggie left and I hung out with Kate.

Today I went to the gym for the first time in months. I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

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Tuesday, January 21st, 2014
3:33 pm
Returned to SF, did some things.

Last weekend I got back late Sunday. Monday night was hanging out with Kate (dinner at Limon); Tuesday night was hanging out with Kempy (dinner at Limon). Wednesday, Kate, Holden, Morgan and I went dancing at a house music night near work, but really Kate and I watched V for Vendetta with no sound and then left. Thursday, I got dinner and a drink with Matthew, my old Apple manager, which was really good. Friday, I got dinner with Carmen and then watched Sherlock with Kate and friends at her friend Jackie's house.

Saturday I got brunch and hunted mysteries, which was pretty excellent. There was one puzzle involving matching ski maps to ski resorts to get SKI calculus parse trees which was pretty excellent. Kate and I puzzled with some of her coworkers and friends remotely in SF from about 3:00 PM to about 2:00 AM.

Sunday, we got brunch and walked to the beach. Then we walked to the Richmond to eat at Burma Superstar, which is supposedly one of the best restaurants in the city. We decided not to wait an hour to get seated, so ate at their other restaurant, B-Star, which was delicious. Then we walked to the Filmore, had beer and creme brulee at Fat Angel, and watched The Hobbit at the Sundance Kabuki. Then we walked home. It was a pretty fantastic day; we walked 17 or 18 miles.

Yesterday, we got brunch with Tom, Alice and Izzy, and then I went home to clean my apartment. Then we went to get crepes for dinner, and then went to Holden's 3D printer warming party.

Now I am at work.

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Monday, January 13th, 2014
3:04 pm - Slow TV
One thing we did in the reunion was watch some Norwegian Slow TV. There was a seven thousand meter tunnel with only two lights in one train video. This devolved into discussions of tunnel length distributions and Benford's Law.

Here is a different train video (ten hours): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=831Drz4YQdQ
And here is a boat video (137 hours): http://nrk.no/hurtigruten/?lang=en

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Sunday, January 12th, 2014
1:50 pm
Things have occurred. I went to my parents' house and the Foursquare New York office for a bit in November, then back to SF, then back to the East Coast for Christmas and New Years.

This included visiting my parents again, which was nice, as well as dinner with aleffert, jcreed and Karolina. Then I went up to Boston to hang out with CTYers (including calledtovienna) for New Years, which was lovely. Kate and I stayed in a bed and breakfast rather than Reuven and Ellen's (our gracious hosts) floor, as is traditional, but that was clearly a good decision. I also hung out with a bunch of MIT people I have heard of but had not gotten a chance to meet before. This included at a party after midnight on New Year's, where I ran into Ross Hatton, which was nice.

Here are the people who attended the reu, as tradition dictates I write:
Akiva has actually now met many of these people, but he probably still doesn"t believe in them.Collapse )

After that, Kate left for SF, and I went back to New York to work some more. I recently changed teams (now doing location search!), and it was good to talk to some of the people who had previously done this in NY who pointed me in a lot of good directions. I also got dinner with Akiva and Matus, Annie and her fiance Michael, my parents, Matus again, drinks with Sara Bee, dinner with Akiva and Nikki, brunch with Ed, Misha and Julie yesterday, and then afterward spent five and a half hours in a bar with Misha, talking about life. Then he left, and I spent a long time sobering up and talking to a lovely couple next to me (Lindsay and Zach?), before meeting Jon, Lee and Meryl for dinner and another beer.

This morning I moved out of my AirBnB, and am now waiting to meet Akiva and Ed for nuncheon, before flying back to SF.

current mood: relaxed

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Wednesday, December 25th, 2013
9:13 am
Hey, it's Christmas.

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Friday, October 18th, 2013
6:02 pm
A variety of things has occurred.

I went to Burning Man, which was great. calledtovienna came, and other good people, including aleffert and Nikki. Having Kate with me made for a very different experience. I also hurt my head on the van while loading, which did not lead to a concussion (I was declared "neurologically intact" by the med tent), which meant I spent several days sitting around quietly. Other things occurred which were problems for various people involved. The overall experience, then was much more emotional, intense and difficult than in previous years.

Introdus and Exodus were also a disaster; it took us 20 hours to get home.

Since, then, I have had some good times. I went to Seattle, which was really good. I stayed with Kelsey, Robert and SJ, and saw Kathleen, Adam, Jacob, Cynthia and Karl, as well as Dan, my former advisor.

This past weekend I went to the French Laundry for Chris and Zoe's prewedding festivities. It was phenomenal, but I'm not sure there aren't ceiling effects, or at least diminishing returns, in food. The service was a large part of what we were paying for, but that isn't something I really care about. Anyway, it was great.

jcreed is around for work. We had dinner last night.

Other things have been happening. Work is good. Kate is good. I've been really stressed about wacky things; oh well.

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Tuesday, August 13th, 2013
4:59 pm
Went to the East Coast. Made it to my family's Fifth of July party.

Went to New York for three weeks. Worked there. Saw Akiva, jcreed, Dannel, Ed, KatieMac, Jon, Lee, others.

Kate visited. We danced at the last Contempt.

I went to Ed's wedding, which was lovely. Saw Lea, Lizza, Julie, Misha, Maya, Marc Black, others.

Now back in SF. Prepping for Burning Man.

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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013
3:15 pm
Akiva was here for WWDC, and that was pretty great.

Chrisamaphone and William were here for Chris running the half marathon, and that was pretty great. I drank a lot of cocktails and ate a lot of sushi.

Chrispride had a Whisky tasting.

Pride happened, and calledtovienna marched in the parade, but I failed to see her.

Tommorrow I'm going to NJ and then NY for three weeks. We should hang out.

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Friday, May 31st, 2013
7:33 pm
Ok, so I've done so many things.

I went to Seattle, and hung out with Kelsey, Robert & SJ (thanks to these for the bed!), Cynthia, Jacob and others. Saw Dan, talked about MOOCs.

Jcreed was around the Bayeria, and we hung out, also with Kat.

I went to to Pittsburgh for Carnival. I saw all the people, but mostly Lea, Chrisamaphone, Wm, Abe, Ann and Akiva. There were parties. I had a barrel aged negroni.

Then I went to New York to start my job. I'm working at Foursquare, which is pretty awesome. The main office is in NY, so I started there for a week.

In New York, I visited Akiva, Dannel KatieMac and not really anyone else.

Then I went to to New Jersey to see my family.

Since then (45 days this Tuesday) I've been working at FSq in SF, which is pretty awesome, as it is mostly Scala hacking. Also learning a lot about structure of Web 4.7 apps.

For those unaware, I have been dating calledtovienna for some months. She is pretty great.

This past weekend we went to Portland. We walked all the miles and ate all the food!

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Sunday, March 17th, 2013
4:27 pm
xsavvyx and I went to New Zealand and Australia, and I went to Tokyo! This was starting about the 23rd of January and went for not quite a month. It's been a while, so I am a little unclear on details.

We met in Auckland. Kempy had flown in from Hawai'i where she had hung out with her grandmother, and I from SF. We both got in 5:30ish AM. We rented a car (which Kempy drove the whole time) and found our hotel in Aukland. Then we wandered the city, which was neat. Over the next few days, we went to the zoo, went to the top of the highest building in the Southern Hemisphere (which you could jump off of on a cable if you wanted...), went to a beautiful, beautiful beach and went to an art museum.

We drove from Auckland to the Hobbiton set (via another beach, maybe?), which we toured. It was great, if kind of kitschy, but I drank Ale at the Green Dragon, so I'm not complaining (it did not come in pints!). The road to hobbiton was a single lane (not two lane), poorly paved track through hilly farmland, so we were amused to see a sign leaving Hobbiton advising us to go the other way.

Then we went to Rotorua, which had boiling mud. The whole town smelled like sulphur, which was kind of disgusting, but the lake was beautiful. We stayed in a hostel ther e and walked around a lot.

The next day we drove to Wellington. This was loooong but beautiful. We stopped to go sailing in a ~12 foot boat in Lake Taupo (it is a volcano!), drove past some other volcanoes, and went on a hike over a large foothill to some beautiful falls. We barely were able to check in to Wellington, arriving at 11ish, and then we had to find dinner. This was a Saturday night in the Wellngton club discrict. Wellington, it turns out, has experienced a sort of catastrophic club Loudness War Prisoner's Dilemma breakdown. Every place we passed was violently loud, presumably as advertisement. None seved food. Eventually we got delicious middle eastern food and slept.

In Wellington we wondered a bunch and went to the Te Papa, the national musuem. It was great. We saw a Colossal Squid.

The next day we took a ferry to South Island. This was completely gorgeous; probably the best boat ride I've been on. Recommend.

We arrived at Picton at South Island, stayed the night in nearby Nelson, and drove south along the western side of the island. It was completely, completely beautiful. We stopped at one amazingly beautiful beach, and maybe some other places. We got dinner in Westport (NEVER GO TO WESTPORT), passed through Grewymouth, and went up into the Southern Alps to stay at the Arthur's Pass Mountain House.

Here we met a woman from Wellington and her father, who was a character. We learned the word "bogan" and drank a lot of pear cider. A lot.

The next day we went hiking. We accidentally a mountain, which took a while and was hard. Then we came down, which was harder. Then we drove to Christchurch.

In Christchurch we had delicious dinner. The next day we went to the mall (made out of shipping containers, new since earthquake), and to the beach. Then we flew to Melbourne.

We arrived at Melbourne super late and found our hostel. Melbourne was super great. We went the museum, wandered the lovely downtown area. We ate a lot of food in Fitzroy, an excellent neighborhood. Super recommend.

After Melbourne, we flew to Cairns. The next day we took a boat out to the Great Barrier reef and went snorkelling. It was beautiful and exhausting. Kempy went scuba diving, but I did not, as it freaks me out.

Cairns was not particularly interesting other than that. We got out of town and went to the zoo, where I held a Koala.

After this, we flew to Sydney. We were there for about a day and a half, and it was lovely. We stayed in Kings Cross, and walked back and forth between there and down town a lot. We saw the Opera House, and later went on a tour. It is completely beautiful. We ate sushi and chocolate. The next day we took a ferry through the Sydney Hrbor, and looked out over the Pacific from near the entrance, "the gap", to the harbor.

That night, Kempy flew home and I flew to Tokyo.

I spent three days in Tokyo. I stayed in a capsule hotel for Westerners (apparenly realy capsule hotels have complicated enough protocol that staying in one when visiting is considered a bad plan.). I got my own little hole in the wall; it was great. A drunk, purple haired Australian girl named Nikki explained to me again what a "bogan" is. I went to Akihabara (electronics, anime, arcades), Shinjuku (neon, malls), the Imperial Palace gardens, a shrine to a Boddhisatva somewhere northeastish, and other places. I ate lots of delicious food, including wacky street crepes. The subway system is beautiful in its absurdity. I will need to go back some day.

Since returning, I have been looking for a job. Things are looking good! I have been hanging out with lots of people, especially calledtovienna. It has been pretty great!

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Saturday, February 23rd, 2013
1:12 pm
Happy Terminalia, kids!

current mood: happy

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